Sierra Safaris, your partner for that dream holiday

Come with us and conquer the rhythms and colour that echo through this enchanting land!

About us

Sierra Safaris is a Kenyan registered safaris company with its base in Nairobi that allows you to get close to the souls of African wilderness and experience nature at its best. We have Specialized ourselves with Kenya and Tanzania wildlife safaris, Luxury Safaris,

Balloon Safaris

The adventure begins just before dawn. Flames from the balloon burners light the darkness as the crews inflate their craft. The first, pink tongues of sunlight flicker across the skies and the balloon fills then rises.

Kilimanjaro conquest

Kilimanjaro with its gleaming glaciers is a magnificent mountain. It stands majestically amidst vast open plains, inviting you to the challenge to climb to the top through the farms, rain forest, pass through the moorland,